Invescomm consultants provide M & A support to investment funds and companies in the European packaging market.

Expertise Makes the Difference

Invescomm consultants provide M & A support to investment funds and companies in the European packaging market. Our operational experience and in-depth expertise helps investors develop an acquisition strategy, assess the true value of a target company, acquire and integrate professionally a new business.

We help our clients to understand the market landscape, maximize value capture and mitigate risks throughout the entirety of the value chain of a deal, with a focus on the market and topline : offering competitiveness, customer portfolio, customer reputation.

1. Analysis stage

Devise a winning acquisition strategy for the European packaging market: we help you identify your business purpose (e.g., expand product lines or technology or gain access to new markets…) and screen potential target companies with key criteria (e.g., profit margins, geographic location, or customer base).

2. Engagement stage

We engage with one or more packaging companies that meet your search criteria and seam to offer attractive value. This initial conversation allows you to get more information and to see how open to a merger or acquisition the target company is.

3. Valuation stage

We advise you on the topline and market part of the information provided by the target packaging company (market position, product offering, customer portfolio, financials…) so as to evaluate the target, construct valuation models and build an offer.

4. Due diligence stage

We support you during the due diligence process, focusing on the sales and margins analysis in the dataroom, interviewing the packaging company executives and clients and identifying potential synergies and red flags.


5. Integration stage

We help you devise and execute post-merger integration plans for your packaging acquisition : First 100 days planning, communications and change management, Day 1 planning, risk assessment.

Market intelligence
We define your market potential
Marketing & Sustainability
We create the right offer
We facilitate new business relationships
Lead Generation
We accelerate revenue generation
Operations Start-Up
We set-up your subsidiary in Europe