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We offer marketing and sustainability advice to create a differentiated and competitive offer in Europe

In a World of Technology,
Differentiate Your Offer

Invescomm consultants help packaging companies define and localize a marketing and sustainability strategy for the European market.

Marketing Services

Invescomm offers a wide range of marketing services tailored to the needs of the companies operating in the European packaging market. Whether you are supplying raw materials (cardboard, plastic resins…), manufacturing equipment to the consumer packaging companies, selling primary packaging products for the FMCG or offer supply chain and recycling of packaging, we have a marketing solution for you.

We create content for your communications tools that enhances your market visibility in Europe. We are specialized in content that requires a third-party intervention with external interviews of high-level executives (Business cases, Customer cases, Testimonials, White papers, Press articles…)

Sustainability services

Sustainability—particularly around single-use packaging waste—has clearly become the number one issue in the European consumer packaging market and is driving fundamental changes for the industry. European Regulators and FMCG brands and retailers are taking action to improve both the sustainability of their packagings and rethink completely their packaging offer, from product design to end of life.

We consider that these fundamental changes in the European packaging market value chain are offer massive opportunities to the companies willing to address the new market requirements and who have the appropriate innovation capabilities and communications.


– We give you an intelligence on the current legal and market sustainability requirements of your target packaging market.

– We help you devise an appropriate sustainability communications plan to enhance all your sustainability actions.

– We help you reach the technical experts in Europe (suppliers, labs, regulators…) to improve the sustainability of your packaging offer

– We connect you and represent you with the relevant sustainability trade associations in the
European packaging market.

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