We provide Market Intelligence services that help you understand the competitive landscape, player dynamics and sales opportunities of the packaging market in Europe

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Invescomm is a provider of high-value market intelligence on the European packaging market. We cover all the packaging value chains and their players: raw materials, machinery, primary and secondary packaging manufacturing, shipping, recycling and end of life.

We also cover all the 5 different packaging materials: plastic packaging, glass packaging, cardboard and fiber packaging, metal packaging, foam packaging.

Whether you are an established player or a start-up, Invescomm will help you obtain useful insights about competition, prospects and market trends of your target packaging industries. We map and segment the markets in volume and value and give you a clear understanding of your opportunities in the European packaging market.

Access to experts

We connect you with prequalified packaging industry experts (industry veterans, customers,
suppliers, journalists…) through telephone consultations and private meetings. Our local knowledge and understanding of packaging value chains and packaging industry dynamics allows us to screen and identify the right stakeholders expertise directly relevant to your questions.


We carry both field research (in retail, hospitality…) and desk research on the European packaging market using open sources and network. We gather market data from all ends of the packaging industry spectrum. We then turn facts and data into actionable insights. We provide you product samples and reports.



We conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys, using various methodologies (interviews, focus
groups, online) to help you understand the vision, image or satisfaction of your B2B targets in the European packaging market.

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